Y(O)UR WORLD: Poem Explaining To Children About Why We Homeschool

My daughter’s best friend is a local school girl. That school girl took me by surprise recently and asked why I chose not to send our children to school. I did not know how to explain. On the back of that conversation, I wrote this poem trying to consider the key reasons we unschool. ItContinue reading “Y(O)UR WORLD: Poem Explaining To Children About Why We Homeschool”

Homeschooling Growth Ideas from Just One Interest

I watched several unschooling-themed sessions thanks to Freedom To Learn. They had some inspirational themes to them. One session focused on how to take your child’s interests and teach a vast variety of topics from that. Some of these subjects may be traditional school subject based e..g. Maths or Science. Others are aspects of personalContinue reading “Homeschooling Growth Ideas from Just One Interest”