Why We Should Aim to Ask Permission and Respect Body Autonomy

This blog post looks at what exactly asking permission and respecting another person’s choice about their body means. It explains why it is important. Finally, it responds to common doubts people may have that disagree with this approach. What Does Asking Permission Mean? Simply put, that all physical affection initiated by the adult is askedContinue reading “Why We Should Aim to Ask Permission and Respect Body Autonomy”

The Fear of Physical Hurting Your Children

As a child my Mum used physical force and fear to try and control my behaviour, or perhaps to release her frustration. I forgive my Mum of this as it’s just her traumas surfacing and she did not find a way to deal with them. I also know how stressful it can be when yourContinue reading “The Fear of Physical Hurting Your Children”