Nursing Aversion and Internal Anger SOLVED

Brief update to everyone who’s been following my blog. I wrote a post previously about nursing aversion, and another post about unbearable internal anger I was feeling regarding my toddler’s thumb sucking. I had to continued doing more work to try and resolve these issues and am pleased to say both battles have now largelyContinue reading “Nursing Aversion and Internal Anger SOLVED”

Breastfeeding – The Whole Truth Part 3: Tandem and Triandem Nursing

Planning for a second child is not always an easy decision, especially if you are still breastfeeding another baby. When you discover you’re pregnant you are now already tandem feeding and this blog will help with some points to consider. If you discover you are pregnant with twins, you may wonder if it’s even possibleContinue reading “Breastfeeding – The Whole Truth Part 3: Tandem and Triandem Nursing”