Let Me Rest In Peace, My Gentle Dad

I’ve been thinking about my Dad a lot recently. Sometimes I read through previous poems to help identify and release my feelings about his death. I found this poem I wrote around a year ago. I realised how many other like minded parents view that you should not let your emotions be affected by anotherContinue reading “Let Me Rest In Peace, My Gentle Dad”

Dad’s Blog: Knowing When to Step Up in My Parenting Role… And When to Step Back

There are some challenges we can face as a working Dad with a stay at home gentle parenting wife. Most of the days we’re out at work. Our wives can need our support more than our ancestors who lived with bigger support networks (see my wife’s previous post about a lacking support village). It takesContinue reading “Dad’s Blog: Knowing When to Step Up in My Parenting Role… And When to Step Back”

Poems: About My Gentle Dad

There is the well known proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Why does this saying exist? Why do villages not seem common anymore? Do we need a village to be a gentle parent? How can we create our own village? I refer to a poem about my Dad which I wroteContinue reading “Poems: About My Gentle Dad”

Male Perspective: Lost for Words

My wife noticed we have gained a lot of male followers to this gentle parent blog, which so far has been predominantly from the Mum’s perspective. We felt it may therefore important for us to show a dad’s perspective to gentle parenting. I am a busy business owner, being away from the home for 10Continue reading “Male Perspective: Lost for Words”

Mum Guilt – Riddling Through My Funny Bones

Pretty much every Mum will feel guilt for the things they cannot provide their children. We all know that loveable childhood book ‘Funnybones’, well guilt can lie within every part of us, bubbling away beneath the superficial surface layer. Why does Mum guilt exist? How can gentle parenting help us be at peace with it?Continue reading “Mum Guilt – Riddling Through My Funny Bones”