Poem: Premature Twin in Intensive Care

Having one twin in intensive care, while you and the other twin are in another place, is simply soul destroying. You have overwhelming pain that make it nearly impossible to move without help. This makes it impossible to go and visit your twin in intensive care very much. You have to convince yourself that theContinue reading “Poem: Premature Twin in Intensive Care”

Poem: Mum Guilt For the Eledest When Welcoming Siblings Into The Family

Mother’s guilt didn’t make a huge appearance in my life until I had my second and third child. Suddenly, responding to my eldest’s needs seemed increasingly impossible at times. We watched a lot of TV. She was told to wait a lot longer than most 20 month old babies. She had to co-sleep with DaddyContinue reading “Poem: Mum Guilt For the Eledest When Welcoming Siblings Into The Family”

The Importance of the First 3 Years for Brain Development

There is a common belief that the first 3 years of childhood are key to the whole future life of that child, into adulthood and beyond. ‘The Myth of the First Three Years’ by John Brewer assesses the science behind the public perception. Whilst the book was published in 2002, a lot of the scienceContinue reading “The Importance of the First 3 Years for Brain Development”

Important Parenting Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

Some parents may be in a position to have planned exactly how they will parent their children before they are even born. Others, like me, assumed it would just be whatever it would be and all would work out fine. When the reality hits and you can’t even work out whether it’s morning or night,Continue reading “Important Parenting Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing”

Sanity Saving Creative Children’s Activities

There’s nothing worse with 3 toddlers than worrying about how to give them creative opportunities to help them develop and enjoy the wonders of arts and crafts. Everything you’ve tried ends up frustrating you, as it can involve significant cleaning up, or damage to walls, floors or furniture. You may feel there is nothing youContinue reading “Sanity Saving Creative Children’s Activities”

Male Perspective: Lost for Words

My wife noticed we have gained a lot of male followers to this gentle parent blog, which so far has been predominantly from the Mum’s perspective. We felt it may therefore important for us to show a dad’s perspective to gentle parenting. I am a busy business owner, being away from the home for 10Continue reading “Male Perspective: Lost for Words”

The Power of Words – ‘To Speak or Not to Speak, That is The Question’

When first becoming a parent, you may feel what you say is unimportant. That your baby won’t understand you anyway, right? When they first start exploring their surroundings, you may feel they need to be told ‘no’ or controlled verbally in some way. When they turn to toddlerhood and start walking and talking, you mayContinue reading “The Power of Words – ‘To Speak or Not to Speak, That is The Question’”

Working From Home and Raising Babies and Toddlers Gently

This blog post offers some considerations if you want to work from home and raise your children gently at the same time. It may also assist those of you who already, like me, work from home while raising your young babies and toddlers. It offers ideas to help you continue remaining gentle when you haveContinue reading “Working From Home and Raising Babies and Toddlers Gently”