Feeling Like a ‘Normal’ Family – Except, What’s Normal Anyway!

Wow, it’s only been since April this year that I first took the petrifying steps of taking my 3 toddlers out alone. Such a lot has changed in only 6 months. I have built my confidence so much in managing all 3 kids alone, that I have made several quite risky ventures with them inContinue reading “Feeling Like a ‘Normal’ Family – Except, What’s Normal Anyway!”

Sibling Rivalry: One On One Time

I frequently see the recommendation of one-on-one time on the gentle parenting forums, as a response to any difficulties people are having with their children. ‘When you have a new child, you should ensure frequent one-on-one time with your children.’ By this, they mean taking the child out somewhere exciting and doing an activity awayContinue reading “Sibling Rivalry: One On One Time”

Life Changing Question: Who Should We Hang Out With?

This feels like the first life changing question my gut instinct doesn’t help me answer. Is it beneficial to hang around with other people who are not gentle in parenting or teaching style? Will exposing my 3 young children to, in my opinion, unhealthy emotional or physical situations cause any harm? On the flip side,Continue reading “Life Changing Question: Who Should We Hang Out With?”

Gentle Parenting View on Sharing / Turn Taking

When I had just one child, I naturally wanted her to share with others. I felt that was the expectation of those around me, and I guess I was raised with the view that sharing with others was a good thing. When the twins arrived, I soon discovered forcing one child to share is likeContinue reading “Gentle Parenting View on Sharing / Turn Taking”

All I Need Is a Little More Sleep…

One of the recurring ‘grass is always greener’ feelings I have since becoming a parent is, “If only I could have a little more sleep, I’d be a super Mum!”. Why then does nature intend a Mum to have such little sleep? What can we do to promote more rest? What foods can we eatContinue reading “All I Need Is a Little More Sleep…”

Poem: Mum Guilt For the Eledest When Welcoming Siblings Into The Family

Mother’s guilt didn’t make a huge appearance in my life until I had my second and third child. Suddenly, responding to my eldest’s needs seemed increasingly impossible at times. We watched a lot of TV. She was told to wait a lot longer than most 20 month old babies. She had to co-sleep with DaddyContinue reading “Poem: Mum Guilt For the Eledest When Welcoming Siblings Into The Family”

Important Parenting Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

Some parents may be in a position to have planned exactly how they will parent their children before they are even born. Others, like me, assumed it would just be whatever it would be and all would work out fine. When the reality hits and you can’t even work out whether it’s morning or night,Continue reading “Important Parenting Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing”

Prepare My Baby for the Arrival of Another Baby… or erm… Two More Babies

As a Mum you are excited to continue trying for a new baby to join your happy single child in the future world of adventures together. It took only 3 years to conceive our first baby, so we didn’t imagine I would fall pregnant very quickly this time either. Shocked, I fell pregnant whilst exclusivelyContinue reading “Prepare My Baby for the Arrival of Another Baby… or erm… Two More Babies”

How to Help My Children Have Strong and Loving Sibling Bonds

Before having multiple children everyone’s dream is surely for loving children to bond and be close for the rest of their lives together. But what helps this goal to be achieved? This blog helps parents to set a positive approach to encourage their children grow up together with a respectful, loving and happy bond. WhenContinue reading “How to Help My Children Have Strong and Loving Sibling Bonds”

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