Y(O)UR WORLD: Poem Explaining To Children About Why We Homeschool

Y(o)ur (Your) World Why We Homeschool Gentle Parenting

My daughter’s best friend is a local school girl. That school girl took me by surprise recently and asked why I chose not to send our children to school. I did not know how to explain. On the back of that conversation, I wrote this poem trying to consider the key reasons we unschool. It was good that I did this poem as a couple of days later my daughter asked why she wasn’t going to school like her best friend.

Y(o)ur World

Why we homeschool is such a complex answer

It started with the aim to give you a happy life

Which means limiting stress, anxiety and strife

So that you can follow any path you decide

So far you are three incredible best friends and siblings

You’re not shoved around rooms of school buildings

Day and night, you’re 3 kids that still love to read and sing

You enjoy biking around and pretending you have wings

We get to spend so many hours together in touching distance

It doesn’t make sense for me to send you to an unknown existence

At least here at home, you and I will learn to work with persistence

Free to play all year if we choose, or learn about intricate things like ‘radiant emittance’

It is important for you, my children, to know how loved you are

By your Mummy and Daddy, when in our society, so few are

Through witnessing you follow your interests, I know your happiness will stretch far

We are determined that it is not a stranger’s choice as to who you will become, it is solely yours and ours

How utterly honouring it is to witness your much longer than average childhood chapter

Sometimes I’m exhausted stumbling alongside your boundless freedom,

and then I take a breath just to soak in your laughter

Signed with love always, from your biggest believer and Mum xxx

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