Thumb Sucking Poem: The Little Comforter

I’ve been through the roller coaster of emotions regarding my daughter’s thumb sucking habit. It has been one of the toughest triggers for me, which I found new methods to help me deal with those tough emotions. Although I’m in a much better place about it, I still sometimes mess up by saying things like “hey, shall we work out a plan to help you stop sucking your thumb before your adult teeth come through”. Then, as soon as I’ve said it, I think what was I thinking?! Those slipups here and there caused me to write another poem about her thumb sucking.

The Little Comforter

Who would have thought the comfort that one tiny thumb could bring

The secrets it would treasure and the hurt it would hold

If your soul was the yang then your thumb would be its ying

When someone or something has upset you, it’s been reliably there to hold

I could never imagine going to the dark depths of my past

To feel such strong emotions about someone I love so dearly

Now I can see the effect that tiny little finger has on you, it’s vast

If only I could have seen all of this at the start more clearly

I have been wrong to encourage your tiny little being to use your thumb for something else

As that little thumb helps you be that loving little girl I see every day

After I weigh up everything I’ve felt about you and me, the only one needing changing was myself

Any apology I make doesn’t feel enough; it can’t undo the words I used to say

All I wish is that you hold that thumb close to your lips for as long as you want it

Because it’s helped form the most incredible little girl, and in our family you are a perfect fit

Which makes me realise I want no role to play in when you may choose to quit

That’s it.

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