Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne’s 100 Things to Know About… Series of Books

100 Things to Know About Special Offer Sales Review

After writing my last post about the Alice in Wonderland graphic novel book, I received a notification that there is a special sales price on a mutli-series of ‘100 Things To Know About’ books published by Usborne. I had already purchased the ‘100 Things to Know About The Human Body’, mostly out of a personal interest but also in case it will be relevant to my children’s interests as they grow.

Book Title

100 Things To Know About… series of 5 books by Usborne. This collection includes: The Human Body which is the only one I’ve read so far, as well as Space, Science, Planet Earth and Numbers, Computing & Coding.

100 Things to Know About space Science planet earth numbers computers coding human body books review
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Suitable Ages

This Usborne book collection is recommended for ages 8+ according to the Usborne website. I tried reading it to my eldest daughter, aged 4 year and 3 months, and it was not yet of interest to her. Her mummy, on the other hand, found it hard to put down and prioritise family life! Personally I felt that some of this content may be better suited to teenagers, as detailed further in my Gentle Parenting Considerations paragraph below.

Main Messages or Lessons Conveyed

The Human Body book is a factual science based book. It has a huge range of scientific topics, ranging from teeth, crying, sleep to senses and bacteria. The other books in the series seem to be wide ranging too.

Value For Money

Each of these books individually is £9.99, which is amazing for over 100 pages of science with images to help youngsters understanding. Combine these 5 books together, and the special sales price (for a limited time only) of only £19.95 is incredible. Having only read the Human Body book, assuming that the other 4 books in this series are equally interesting and factual, this is an incredible bargain! So much so, I will be purchasing the set myself even though I already own one of the books. It works out at only £3.99 per book. To buy this special deal, follow this link then hover over the Books category and choose the second link called ‘Special offers’.

Any Gentle Parenting Considerations

There was a double page spread in The Human Body book all about diabetes. I always feel anxious when reading books about diabetes as usually the writer or editor doesn’t have a clue about the different types of diabetes and the challenge that diabetics face for the rest of their lives, not just physically but emotionally.

I thought this Usborne book was going to be the same when I noticed the dramatic title “Too much sugar… might make you lose your feet”, although it was clear that there are different types of diabetes so that was good to see. The majority of the first page was about the fact that diabetics can have their whole health affected by high blood sugars. It did end with the fact that it can be controlled. In terms of considering young people, at the age of 8 with diabetes, I would have struggled with the concept that I may have lost my feet for high blood sugars. High blood sugars are a frequent part of being a type 1 diabetic and growing up, e.g. hormones affect blood sugars, sunlight affects blood sugars, exercise, nerves, stress… everything affects your blood sugar so highs and lows are a natural part of life as a diabetic.

In context, I was diagnosed at the age of 2, and I only discovered you could get complications from diabetes when I was around 15. That discovery made me very anxious and sad, no matter what that would feel like to learn that 7 years earlier. In my day, schools didn’t really educate kids about longterm illnesses until sixth form, so this early education may be a new thing. I do wonder the impact mentally on the children who discover the negative effects of diabetes through a book, or worse, through a friend who read the book and just summarises the title… But that’s a bigger world thing and probably not something I can change in my lifetime!

In terms of gentle parenting, when raising our children I believe that even if your child does not have a medical condition like diabetes that it would be beneficial to all of the people in their lives if they have an empathy and understanding for diseases like diabetes. I am not sure that a short and dramatic headline in a book, without a knowledgeable adult’s supervision and input, would help bring about the empathy that would benefit those with diabetes. However the scientific introduction to diabetes was great if it can be discussed with a caregiver to give context that diabetes does not necessarily mean you’ll lose your feet, even if your blood sugars fluctuate. This book even informed me about future science for manufacturing insulin.

In summary, I feel the Human Body book was an extensive science book and a great introduction to a huge range of topics. However, I feel it may need to be read with an adult to debate issues such as I mention above.

Other Book Recommendations If Your Kids Love This One

As mentioned, I’ve only read the Human Body book so far, but I’m also very interested to read all of the other books too, particularly the one about Space. I feel if I can remind myself, or improve my knowledge on these topics, I will be better placed to help my children open up their world in the future.

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